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Marmot Massage Oil (100ml)

Marmot Massage Oil (100ml)


This soothing massage oil from the mountains provides lasting relaxation. The high-quality mixture of pure Swiss marmot oil, extra virgin olive oil and pleasantly fragrant, strong herbs, warms and relaxes your muscles and joints. With this high-quality massage oil you promote the blood circulation when massaging and you will be rewarded with soothing relief and relaxation. Help your body, support it in the recovery process after physical exertion and sport. Movement is fun.

The marmot massage oil is intended for thorough massages and short, intensive self-massages of the back, muscles and joints. This massage oil is very suitable before sport (warm up and loosen up), after sport (relax and regenerate), for skin, hand and foot care. The marmot massage oil can be used several times a day and is also suitable for children. With marmot massage oil, you can also increase your strength with a drop of pure marmot oil.

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